Our Vision

Know more about our goal

We here, at eFarda, take a look at the latest trends in the financial industry of the world and have a deep understanding of banking and e-commerce in Iran. We design and develop products and solutions that can revolutionize the digital experience of Iranians.

Inspirational workspace

The work atmosphere of eFarda plays an important role in achieving success through effective communication.

effective communication

With effective communication, we will identify the need and work and provide a suitable solution for that.


Career Opportunities

All the professionals and ambitious ones are invited

Our goals and dreams are big here, and our most precious resource is our team. That’s why it is all aimed towards personal and team growth. Our flexible performance system, work conditions based on the newest world trends, bringing work and fun together. Educational and welfare incentives. Personal development academy and soft skill growth programs are just few examples of the way human resources are flourished here at eFarda.


Innovative Solutions

Providing unique and innovative solutions in banking and electronic payments industry.

Partner Companies

Open Innovation

Innovation Development

Finnova and Finnotech, as two operational wings of eFarda, helps with the innovations and entrepreneurship.
Finnova, directing and planning in a shared workspace and as an acceleration, is the touch point with small, agile and innovative businesses. And Finnotech, as the first platform for open-innovation, provides businesses with tools for developing their ideas.


Finnova is the place where startups, consultants, major corporations, and investors come together to collaborate and participate in this ecosystem, providing a good place to grow startup businesses.


Our vision in Finnotech has changed. From open banking to open innovations. Away from banking services, Finnotech is offering solutions in the stock exchange, insurance, telecom and etc. The mission for Finnotech is flourishing the key players of these fields.